Beta Switch: Review Examining Sue Heintzes Diet Program Released

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 06, 2014

Beta Switch claims to target trouble spots and switch them to fat burning machines, which helps one get rid of the stubborn belly, thigh fat and arm fat. This has caught the attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

“Our Beta Switch review shows that it is a 12-week system that will help you turn off the messages that make your body store fat and turn on those that help your body burn fat. This happens without calorie restriction, painful exercising, or other tricks that are unhealthy to the body and the mind,” reports Stevenson. “It could change everything in the diet industry for women and has the potential to work since much of the other popular information is failing people over and over again. In short, you learn about some science-backed information to make this happen now and start losing fat faster than ever before.”

Beta Switch comes with the main manual, a guide to supplementation, a quick-start guide to help one understand the program fast, a diet tracker and motivational stories from real women who have used it. Bonuses include a 12-week workout system that optimizes the fat burning power in the body, a weight loss solution, a report on how women can boost their body image to help them overcome mental roadblocks along the way, a guide on how to win the mental game of fat loss and a 3-month membership to a private site that offers them support from fellow member as well as tips and tricks to further their weight loss success.

“Nutrition is just a part of the whole unique system that has been made to work for any woman who wants to lose weight. Sue has made this program about more than just the ‘diet’ aspect. She has included a 12-week exercise program to help complement the nutrition aspect and help women burn fat more effectively. Moreover, she has incorporated bonuses that touch on the mental aspect of dieting and losing weight,” says Stevenson. “You will learn how to stop storing fat and start losing fat without fad diets or other drastic measures. This is a comprehensive 12-week program that takes you by the hand and helps you get results. Everything in the program that is based on science helps you to sort through the negative mental outlook that so many women suffer from.

“Beta Switch review is neither just another fad diet or program to help you lose a few pounds and then gain it all back nor it is about removing carbs, cutting calories, or exercising at high intensity. It is simply about understanding how your body works at a cellular level, and taking that information to make nutrition and exercise work for you. Taking advantage of the new science and information in this system and applying it to your life should result in one change or another, which makes this diet program worth trying out. If you need to lose weight quickly for a special occasion, you can do that in a healthy way!”

Those wishing to purchase Beta Switch, click here.

To access a comprehensive Beta Switch review, visit

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How Christmas Dinner Can Help You Lose Weight

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 25 December 2013

For most people, Christmas Dinner represents the pinnacle of overindulgence. But according to the weight loss experts at DietAssist, the sensation of feeling full and bloated can help in losing weight.

Christmas is traditionally a time for celebration, family and feasting, and most people get right into the Christmas spirit.

According to nutritionists, the average person consumes around 8,000 calories on Christmas Day alone! That’s three times the NHS recommended daily intake of 2,500 calories for men and 2,000 calories for women.

And when Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year and all the family and office parties are included, the Christmas Calorie count could top 50,000, of which 40-50% is from alcohol and soft drinks.

It’s no wonder that the average weight gain over the Christmas period is around 6lbs.

But all is not lost – according to DietAssist, the humble Christmas Dinner can be a great tool in the battle to lose weight.

Co-creator, Rob Woodgate explains: “Christmas Day is a time when we get to remind ourselves just what it feels like to be completely, utterly and gut-bustingly full. It’s something we call the ‘Christmas Feeling’.”

“It’s that bloated, full, uncomfortable feeling we have all experienced over years and years of Christmas Dinners. The feeling that if you even put one more roast potato in your mouth, you’d explode in a scene reminiscent of a Monty Python film.”

“Simply recalling and intensifying that Christmas Feeling until you feel physically uncomfortable and bloated can be a great way help you to stay on the straight and narrow in the New Year.”

DietAssist is the result of more than 20 years’ experience in helping people lose weight effectively and is designed specifically to address the self-sabotage and demotivation that dieters commonly experience.

The programme provides people with long-term psychological techniques and strategies to lose weight and keep it off.

DietAssist is collaboration between certified hypnotherapists Rob Woodgate and Paul Howard, who are experts in the psychology of the mind and predicting how the brain will respond in different situations.

Together, they designed the 12-module DietAssist programme to teach people how to take control of their thoughts and behaviours to achieve long-term weight loss success. DietAssist is designed to work alongside any weight loss programme or sensible eating plan.

To register for the free weight loss video course, visit

About DietAssist


Yoga For Weight Loss | Can Shapeshifter Yoga Help People Lose Fat Fast?

(PRWEB) December 25, 2013

Shapeshifter Yoga is a new brand fitness program developed by Kris Fondran that promises to guide people how to do yoga for weight loss and improve their health. The new course gives users private yoga lessons, step-by-step instructions and exercises on how to lose ugly flab and belly fat quickly and easily. After the creator released Shapeshifter Yoga, he received a lot of positive feedbacks from customers regarding their success with the method. That is why the website has written a full review about this helpful method.

The informative review of Shapeshifter Yoga on the site points out that this yoga course teaches users how to reshape body quickly. The awesome method also guides viewers on how to melt extra fat away without the need of cardio, crunches or going a gym. Additionally, this new course provides users with step-by-step exercises and detailed techniques, which are easy for them to follow. In particular, when getting this program, viewers will discover three ways to reshape their body naturally. Users will discover fit yoga exercises that are suitable for both women and men. It is obvious that Shapeshifter Yoga is an effective and safe yoga course that teaches people how to lose extra fat, keep fit and improve health forever.

Ana Japan from the site states that: “This is an awesome yoga method that reveals users secrets about how to burn stubborn fat quickly. The new method will give learners diet tips to tone and sculpt their muscle mass in order to lower cortisol and then stop over eating as well as weight gain. Furthermore, when buying this program, users will receive several free bonuses such as “At A Glance Wall Charts” book, the “Quick Start Manual” book, “Shapeshifter Yoga Program” video, “the Breath Awareness Mediation” audio and the “Follow Along Files” audio. Moreover, they will receive the “Yoga Nidra Guided Mediation” audio and the “Body Awareness Absolute Stillness” audio. One more thing, users will receive a 100% money back guarantee in case they feel unsatisfied with the results”.

If people wish to get benefits and drawbacks from Shapeshifter Yoga, they could visit the website.

For those that wish to view more information about this program, get instant access to the official site.

About the website: is the site created by Nguyen Gia Hy. The website provides people with tips, secrets, tricks, methods and e-books about business, art, health and fitness. People could send their comments on any digital product via his email.


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Customized Fat Loss Review by Rakuyaz

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 25, 2013

The Customized Fat Loss program, is a nutritional and exercise program developed by Kyle Leon, a nutrition specialist. Clients use the Customized Fat Loss nutritional software program that teaches how to combine exercises and food to burn fat. Leon includes lists of foods to eat and those to avoid.

The program is different because it is customized to the client instead of everyone. The client will fill in personal information such as weight, height, sex, daily exercise routines, and body type. Then a program is developed for the client specifically.

According to, the program is completely customized to a client’s physique and exercise activity. Once the nutritional program has been developed the client can follow the step-by-step directions for the foods to eat and exercises to do and when. Clients will learn about the foods to eat and foods to avoid. Leon teaches clients why certain foods should be eaten while others should be avoided. recommends this program for any man or woman wanting to burn fat and lose weight. The program seems to be quite successful with the many testimonials found on the original website.

The Customized Fat Loss program helps men and women to lose weight by teaching them how to eat the correct foods and do the exercises that will work for them,” says a Rakuyaz representative.

For more information click here

About Rakuyaz

Rakuyaz is a review site that reviews a variety of programs and eBooks. Customers can come to the site to read the reviews before making the purchase for certain eBooks, programs, and products.

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Forbes Living TV Offers a Top Weight Loss Programs Series

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) December 25, 2013

The producers of Forbes Living TV are excited to announce their new series, “Today’s Weight Loss Programs”. Practically everyone wants to lose weight at some point — whether it’s for a special event, to rock that summer bikini, or to look like the models. Losing weight is a goal that’s shared by females and males of all ages. Forbes Living discovers some of today’s successful weight loss programs that are helping people achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The show covers workouts, fitness equipment, recipes, meal plans, tools, gadgets, and more that support weight loss goals and produce healthy results.

Forbes Riley, recently named America’s Most Loved Health & Fitness Innovator, is known for bringing affordable, high-quality fitness, health and household products to consumers world-wide. Known for being a sharp product developer and evaluator, Riley is famous for launching products that solve tough challenges and make everyday life easier. Her expert marketing strategies have earned her the “billion dollar host” moniker. She is an inductee in the Fitness Hall of Fame, the successful businesswoman behind the popular Spin Gym and the author of “E.A.T. A Journal for What You Eat and What’s Eating You”. Riley’s website and social media sites boast a huge following. She also has a regular presence on networks including ESPN, TLC, Fit-TV, Animal Planet, ABC Family, and Home Shopping Network.

About Forbes Living TV

The groundbreaking talk show combines the most highly recognized product spokeswoman with new and innovative products designed to engage viewers in a fun, informative and entertaining fashion. The show airs on WE (Women’s Entertainment), FOX and ABC broadcast stations, ION and regional news networks. Join the interactive fun on the Forbes Living TV on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. The show’s website provides a contact form that business owners can fill out to receive more information. Forbes Living TV is a Forbes Media production.

About Forbes Media

Forbes Media producers are excited by the many new product entries they’ve received ranging from sophisticated technologies and infomercial sensations to “new and improved” innovations. “In fact, it became necessary for us to create Forbes Media Direct to receive and evaluate product ideas for features on our show”, said Paul Douglas Scott, Executive Producer. Companies that would like to submit product samples for review, please ship no more than 2 samples to Forbes Media Direct, 6000 Coral Ridge Drive, Suite 50, Coral Springs, FL 33076 and our Quality Assurance Division will notify your organization accordingly. Please include any product literature or other collateral information that can be of assistance during evaluation. Forbes Media is working with leading producers of television to produce library storage, access and distribution services.


Auto Accident Lawyer David Perecman Weighs in on Tanker Truck Explosion in Bellmore

New York, New York (PRWEB) December 25, 2013

A tanker truck explosion in Bellmore, New York, alarmed neighborhood residents as flames leapt as high as 20 feet. As CBS News(12.18.13) reported, the tanker carrying 12,000 gallons of fuel hit the back of a Hyundai that was stopped at a red light. Attorney at Law David Perecman, founder of The Perecman Firm, was relieved to hear that no deaths were reported.

The tanker truck was left charred by the massive fire that was fueled from the gas from the tanker. The fire also spread to a Harley-Davidson dealership and several homes.

Rear-end collisions are a common hazard for drivers across the United States. Trucks are involved in a number of these crashes. Rear-end accidents make up about 18 percent of the 400,000 truck crashes that occur each year, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Trucks need approximately 40 percent more time than cars to stop because of factors such as weight. They are also less maneuverable and start more slowly. Common causes of rear-end collisions include speeding, driver fatigue, defective brakes, distracted driving, and inclement weather.

“Regardless of intention, accidents caused by preventable mistakes often result in liability,” said Perecman.

Negligent parties, which may include the driver and truck company, must compensate injured victims for their medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses arising from the accident. If a death occurs, the negligent parties must compensate family members of the victim for funeral expenses, lost earnings, and additional damages caused by the wrongful death. If a collision was caused by a defective product then a manufacturer, wholesaler, and/or distributor may be liable.

The cause of the Bellmore truck accident was under investigation. CBS reported that the tanker driver’s cell phone records would be investigated, as well as cameras in the area that may have recorded the accident.

If you or a loved one is severely injured due to a rear end collision, lawyers at The Perecman Firm may be able to help you obtain compensation for any injuries and losses. Contact the auto accident attorneys at The Perecman Firm at 212-977-7033.

The CBS News story cited is “ 2 Hurt After Tanker Truck Overturns, Bursts Into Flames In Bellmore.”

About David Perecman and The Perecman Firm, PLLC:

For the past 30 years, the New York personal injury, medical malpractice, construction accident, and auto accident lawyers at The Perecman Firm, PLLC have handled all types of cases of vehicular accidents in New York, including truck accidents and auto accidents. David Perecman, founder of the Firm, has been recognized for his achievements as an Honoree in the National Law Journal’s Hall of Fame, in New York Magazine’s “The Best Lawyers in America” and The New York Times Magazine “New York Super Lawyers, Metro Edition” for the years 2007-2010. The prestigious U.S. News & World Report ranks The Perecman Firm among the top 20 personal injury firms in New York City for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.

The Firm has recovered millions of dollars for its clients. Among the more recent victories, Mr. Perecman won a $ 15 million verdict** for a construction accident (Index 112370/03) Supreme Court, New York County, a $ 5.35 million dollar verdict*** for an automobile accident (Index 2749/04) Supreme Court, Kings County, and a $ 40 million dollar structured settlement for medical malpractice (Index 2146/03)****Supreme Court, Kings County.

The Perecman Firm serves Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester, Upstate NY, Morris County, and Rockland County.

**later settled while on appeal for $ 7.940 million    

*** later settled for $ 3.5 million

**** total potential payout

“Lawyer Advertising”+

“Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.”

Original Source


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